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Muscle Car Switch is a small company started in a garage by Craig and John with an idea to to make a
replacement 2 speed windshield wiper switch for 1967 and 1968 Ford Mustangs. Our neighbor Paul stopped
by during the first production build of the FM6768W in September 2012 and asked if we could make an
intermittent wiper switch for his '67. And that started the next product - the 7 speed FM6768WI intermittent
windshield wiper switch.

A few months later we had a working prototype for the variable speed switch - and John started testing a new
circuit that worked with the floor-mounted factory dimmer switch to turn on the headlights when the wipers
turned on. He modified his original design to use OEM connectors, took another few months to prototype the
M678HCIO headlight controller and we started the first production build of the FM6768WI variable speed switch in March 2013.

We sent two FM6768WI switches from the first build to our friend Larry and he liked the design. He asked
if we could build a headlight relay controller to work with the headlight relays that were already installed - and that
led to the M678HCI headlight relay controller. In mid-April 2013, testing was completed on the production
headlight relay controllers and we started taking orders.

From May to July 2013, the production builds continued for the intermittent wiper switch and the 2 speed wiper switch and the M678HCI headlight relay controller. The design of the M678HCIO headlight controller was
updated, adding a circuit breaker for the higher current required by the low beam headlights. The second
prototype was built in August 2013 and testing was completed at the end of the month.

 We've got a few more products in development so call or check the website for updates.



















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